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We offer a comprehensive set of solutions from pre-press designing to installations should you require them.

Here you can find our three main branch of services that will cover your printing needs.

Do you have a visual idea? Let our team materialise them for you!

Practical and aesthetic designs to help you engage with your community and create lasting impressions.

We specialise in putting designs on paper media such as cards, folders, packaging, etc.


This section is as wide as your imagination and so is the potential of our print press capabilities.

Whether you are looking to improve the longevity of the product or trying to create an interactive masterpiece, we offer a wide variety of finishing options like emboss, lamination to folding and hot stamping.


You name it!

Printing Materials

Explore the wide range of material types, grammages, colours and textures.

Common Paper

Common Paper

Woodfree Paper

70, 80, 100, 120, 150 gsm

Art Paper / Card

85, 105, 128, 157, 190, 209, 230, 256, 260, 300, 310, 350, 360, 420 gsm

* Coated paper with glossy or matte options

White Card

250, 300, 330, 400 gsm

Food Board

250, 270, 350 gsm

Bond Paper

50 gsm

Sticker / Label


Mirror Kote (Glossy)

Woodfree (Matte)






Decal (For glass / porcelain)




Peel & Seal


Quick Seal

V Flap

Laid Wallet


102 x 229mm | DL 110 x 220mm | 114 x 241mm

114 x 248mm | 126 x 126mm (CD Window) | 159 x 159mm

C6 162 x 114mm | C5 229 x 162mm | 178 x 254 mm

190 x 130mm | 197 x 140mm | 216 x 102mm | 229 x 114mm

229 x 305mm | C4 229 x 324mm | 254 x 305mm

254 x 356mm | 254 x 381mm | 305 x 406mm| 324 x 457mm

Custom Size & Material 

Alternative Media

Recycled paper

Eco Frontier Paper

Recycled Paper

Fabric / Canvas / Linen

Special & Fancy Paper

Nachi Rainbow Paper:

80, 124, 153 gsm

Parchment / Tracing paper

Wrapping / Wallpaper

Metallised Paper & Boards

Textured Paper

Yupo Paper

Gmund Collection


NO. We have access to other types of paper materials that are not listed here. If you can't find what you're looking for or maybe you just need more information, please reach out!

Printing Press
Printing is a bridge between the digital and the physical world. It's a way to bring ideas to life and make them tangible.
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