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Order & Payment

For any printing enquiries, please send us an email stating the project title and description that should include but is not limited to size, material, quantity, finishing and colours. 

What is the lead time?

Due to the varied nature of the pre-press process, we only provide an estimated lead time after the approval of the final artwork.

Remember to check in with your pre-press technician upon confirmation!

Can my order be completed faster? It is urgent.

We strive everyday to ensure timely delivery of your orders. Should you require an urgent production, please note that express charges may apply.

Please contact us for further assistance.

Can I cancel my order?

Please note that any changes or cancellation to your orders may incur additional or full charges depending on the stage of production.


Cancellation of Orders

Within 15 minutes - Free of charge

15 mins to 2 hours - 50% of quoted price

After 2 hours - 100% of quoted price

If you really have to change your order after confirmation of the final artwork, please contact us as soon as possible to minimise the incurrence of cost for both parties. Any additional charges will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

I cannot make time to collect my order during working hours. What are my options?

We understand your situation and we will try our best to cater to your requests.

You may arrange with a courier service or a friend/family to pick it up. Simply provide them with the invoice number and our office address.

You may also consider our delivery services at an additional cost of $10 per destination.

What are the payment options?

We accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and Paynow.

Note that you will have to provide us with the proof of payment before delivery or upon self-collection.

Can you check if my payment has gone through?

If you have just made payment, please give it some time to process.

Once your payment is through, your orders will be dispatched for delivery or we will inform you that you may come to collect your goodies.

What if I made an incorrect payment amount?

In the case of any discrepancies in payment, please indicate the error via email or simply give us a call at 6547 8220.

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