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Free delivery applies to orders above $120!

Do you charge for delivery?

We provide free delivery to one location for orders above $120. Additional $10 per destination will be charged for orders under $120 or for orders to multiple locations.

What is the expected arrival of my delivery?

Please contact us to get an estimated arrival timing.


However, do note that we only dispatch products after payment is made.

Can I schedule or reschedule the delivery?

If the order has not been picked up by our driver, we are able to reschedule the delivery for you.

Please give us a call so we may assist you quickly.

Can I get my order delivered to me quicker?

We only dispatch orders for delivery after payment is made.

Please kindly provide us with the payment proof or contact us for further assistance.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not deal internationally at the moment.

Thank you for taking an interest in our products and service, and we apologise for any inconveniences caused.

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