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Please ensure that the sent artwork is in the correct size, in CMYK colour mode, includes 3mm bleed, outlined font (or font file) and embedded images of more than 300 dpi preferably.

What file types do you accept?

We accept most working files like .pdf, .ai, .tif, .psd, .id .

In some cases we also accept .jpg and .png . If you have MS Office files, please export it to PDF format before sending it to us.

Can you help me to check if my artwork is ready for printing?

Once you've agreed to the quotation, we will assign you to our pre-press specialist who will check on your artwork whether it is suitable for print.

If there are issues, it will be highlighted to you through email. We will only proceed to produce when the final artwork is approved by you.

Will you be able to print the exact Pantone Colour that I have provided?

We cannot promise a 100% match to Pantone Colours. You may send us your specifications in CMYK colour values instead.

Note that the current industry standard for colour matching sits at 80%.

Do I need to include trim/crop marks in my artwork?

You do not need to include printers' crop marks in your artwork as our pre-press specialist will assist you with that. However, do remember to include 3mm bleed for artwork with backgrounds.

If my file is of low resolution, can you help me edit to higher resolution?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to a low resolution file.

We can only recommend on a case to case basis whether it would turn out acceptable for the print you require. 

How should I export files from Canva for printing?

In Canva go to File > Download > PDF-Print > check "crop marks and bleed".

Note that if images used are low-quality images, they will still look blurry even when dowloading a PDF Print.

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