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General Enquiry

Please ensure that the sent artwork is in the correct size, in CMYK colour mode, includes 3mm bleed, outlined font (or font file) and embedded images of more than 300 dpi preferably.

Where can I provide feedback, review or give product recommendations?

Thank you on behalf of our team for helping us improve in our products and services.

Feel free to leave your feedback via email.

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We do not have a minimum amount that you have to order form us. Feel free to state your request for the products that you require. However, please be informed that the more you order the cheaper the unit price.

Can you print on my own provided material?

We do not provide print only service. 

Please consider the wide range of materials that we carry.

Feel free to contact us for further assistance or continue exploring our material page.

How should I make a custom order?

If you are unable to find the description or requirements of product that you might need, drop us an email so that we can further assist you with your needs.

Please include images of samples so that we can better assist you. 

Do you provide colour proofs or samples?

We only provide digital colour proofs and samples after approval of the quotation.

Please note that offset colour proofs and samples are chargeable from $150 onward due to set up and calibration costs. Prices vary based on complexity of products.

Please contact us for further assitance!

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